10 Blogs for Patent Law Professionals to Follow

"Passing the Patent Bar with PRG" aims to help aspiring patent professionals locate useful courses, resources, and advice that will guide them during the study and registration process for the Patent Bar Exam.  “Passing the Patent Bar with PRG” isn’t the only blog out there written by and for patent law professionals, though. An entire network of patent law blogs exist, and this network can provide useful news, analysis, and networking opportunities for new professionals in the intellectual property law field.  Here is a quick list of 10 excellent blogs for patent professionals:

1. Patent Resources Group Newsroom - The PRG Newsroom blog brings you the latest news on courses and workshops offered across the US and through online Video on Demand courses by Patent Resources Group (PRG), the nation’s leading patent education firm. 

2. The Intellogist Blog - Learn about patent and non-patent literature search resources and techniques. 

3. The 271 Patent Blog - Patent law news and case analysis from a US patent attorney.

4. Patent Docs - Biotechnology and pharmaceutical patent law analysis and news.

5. Written Description - Reviews of recent academic and professional papers about patent and intellectual property law.

6. PatentBuff - Detailed case analysis from an intellectual property lawyer from Australia/New Zealand.

7. IPKat - News and analysis on copyright, patent, and trademark cases and issues, often from a European perspective. 

8. The Patent Prospector - Detailed case analysis and patent law news.

9. Patent Baristas - Discussion of patent and intellectual property issues, with a focus on the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical fields.

10. PatentlyO - One of the top patent law blogs in the US, with detailed analysis of patent cases and important intellectual property law news.

Follow these and other blogs dedicated to the patent field in order to stay updated on the latest news and resources available for patent law professionals!

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