5 Sources for Patent Law News

Patent law professionals need to stay up-to-date on the quickly changing landscape of the intellectual property law field, but where can you get a concise daily summary of the biggest events about patent and IP law? Patent law blogs will certainly report on some of the patent-related news and important current issues, but these blogs usually focus on a single aspect of patent law, such as analysis of US patent cases or biotech/pharma patent cases.  Patent law professionals will need a more well-rounded source of daily IP law news, either in the form of a news feed for intellectual property law articles or a daily summary of major IP news events.  Here is a list of five reliable sources for quickly locating a broad range of current IP and patent-related news articles:

  1. Bloomberg/Businessweek - Both websites post an identical daily summary of major intellectual property news.  Since the Intellectual Property sections for the Bloomberg and Businessweek websites are a few days behind on listing the most recent articles, it is often easier to simply search Google for “Bloomberg intellectual property” to find the latest daily summary.
  2. PriorSmart Patent and IP News - The PriorSmart patent search site offers a daily patent and IP news feed that includes USPTO weekly statistics, new patent litigation, recent patent-related tweets, and recent patent/IP blog posts.  Users can also view an archive of news listings for past days, dating back to August 2009.
  3. PatentPal Toolbar - This toolbar was created by a patent attorney and offers a wide range of useful research tools for patent law professionals, including a drop-down menu of RSS feeds for popular patent law blogs and the latest USPTO news and announcements.  The toolbar also offers a constantly updated feed of patent-related job announcements, organized by both geographical region and professional field.
  4. IPInsiders Toolbar - This toolbar, created for patent searchers, contains multiple drop-down menus linking to intellectual property office news feeds (mostly EPO and WIPO), the latest tweets from IP-related Twitter accounts, updates from popular IP and patent law blogs, and updates from tech news sources.
  5. Patent Resources Group on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - The PRG Facebook and Twitter accounts both post unique IP and patent law-related news stories on a daily basis, covering both US and international intellectual property news.  The PRG LinkedIn group posts discussion topics twice a week on current intellectual property law issues.  Also follow these accounts to stay up-to-date on the latest PRG patent law courses and patent bar review courses available across the US. 

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